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o READ ARTICLE: “This record was immediately attractive on first listen, and subsequent plays have not dimmed my enthusiasm.” – Roger Atkinson reviews the debut recording by Dino Massa Kansas City Quintet in the April / May 2017 issue of Jazz Ambassador Magazine. [read full article at Artists Recording Collective (Artist Spotlight)]

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o READ ARTICLE: Our editor at the Fort Leavenworth Lamp newspaper notified us that the Kansas Press Association had presented 2017 Awards of Excellence to our news team in several categories. [PDF download available]

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o READ REVIEW: “While conversations about the military tend to roam widely, touching on everything from peacekeeping to warmongering, rarely do they touchdown on the topic of cultural exchange. But that’s not to say the military doesn’t foster such a thing. American troops stationed abroad have always managed to interact with the local population(s), imparting and taking away knowledge in the process, and cross-pollination often materializes through such meetings. Those types of exchanges have helped to build bridges, create lifelong friendships, and birth beautiful art. Echoes Of Europe is proof.” [ read at ]
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o READ REVIEW: “On This New Jazz Record, Kansas City And Italy Make Beautiful Music Together – It’s an exceptionally graceful album (Echoes of Europe) that imbues mainstream jazz with the elegant sheen of classical chamber music.” [ read at ]
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o KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Mr. Burnett has been invited to be the 2017 Black History Month guest speaker by the Dwight D. Eisenhower VA Medical Center in Leavenworth, Kansas. A copy of his remarks will be available as a PDF download [here].
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o READ REVIEWS: MORE REVIEWS “…rich water colors of sound. Like listening to Monet.” ~ George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly “This is top quality jazz …highly recommended for both traditional and modern jazz fans.” ~ Jon Neudorf, Sea of Tranquility “…Easy going jazz that isn’t easy listening, straight ahead ears will dig the proceedings. Well done throughout.” ~ Chris Spector, Midwest Record
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o FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Overseas distribution deal with DiskUnion stores is official and “Echoes of Europe” (ARC-2680) Dino Massa Kansas City Quintet recording is available for sale at walk-in music stores in Japan. (visit DiskUnion)
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o FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: In addition to being a Selmer (Paris) Saxophone endorsing artist, Mr. Burnett is now also an Official Conn-Selmer Artist Clinician which allows for funding support to organizations that utilize his educational services.
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Biographical Synopsis

Mr. Christopher L. Burnett

Christopher Burnett (b. 1955) is a critically acclaimed alto  saxophonist, educator, leader, and composer who began his professional career with military jazz bands “going pro” directly upon graduating high school at 18 years old. Over the course of a forty plus year career, Mr. Burnett has performed professionally around the world, recorded noteworthy albums as a leader, taught at the college-level and co-founded a significant independent recording label, Artists Recording Collective.

Born in Olathe, Kansas, the middle son of Clifford LeRoy Burnett and Violet Lorraine Jackson Burnett, his family traveled frequently during his youth due to his father being a member of the active US Air Force. He was ultimately raised in his maternal hometown of Paola, Kansas where the family had moved once his father’s military career concluded in 1963.

His mother was a significant influence on his choosing music as a professional career.  And, it was his eldest brother, Richie Pratt, who mentored and encouraged him in the music business as a professional.

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Subsequently, Mr. Burnett began his professional tenure by completing a full 22-year career performing and touring with notable military bands prior to embarking upon his current activities within the music scene at large.

Mr. Burnett has released three albums as a leader. His latest, ‘Firebird’, is being released first as singles on the ARC label. Additional credits include performances, and a new recording with the Dino Massa Kansas City Quintet titled, “Echoes of Europe.” He is an in-demand woodwind instructor and jazz clinician, serving as festival adjudicator and conductor for honors ensembles on many occasions.

PHOTO: Mr. Burnett promoting arts on KSHB (NBC).

Mr. Burnett was the guest speaker for the 2016 Martin Luther King Day Celebration at Fort Leavenworth. The Edward Jones Center for Entrepreneurship at Drury University invited Mr. Burnett to be its first speaker in their ‘Self-Employment in the Arts’ series for 2016.

He is an adjunct professor of music at Metropolitan Community Colleges, and worked for 5 years at the American Jazz Museum, both are located in Kansas City. He is the 1995 5-Star Award of Merit Winner of the National Federation of Music Clubs as a Composer. The Missouri Arts Council appointed Mr. Burnett to serve on the Advisory Panel for Multidiscipline for one term – ending June 30, 2016.

Mr. Burnett lives in the northwest Kansas City metropolitan area city of Leavenworth, Kansas and maintains a significantly active recording, composing and concert performance schedule. He is married to the flautist, Terri Anderson Burnett, they have two adult  children and four grandchildren.

Mr. Burnett is an official Conn-Selmer Artist Clinician [ Download 2017 Clinician Catalog PDF/3MB ]
[ SPECIALTIES ] Business professional with extensive background and positive proven track record in customer service, protocol, music, project management, promotion and arts-based business organizations. Broad technical knowledge of music, music instruction, and systems approach to management. Successful background in arts marketing and promotion. Fluent in web design, as well as social media marketing. Diverse range of skills. Team player. Early adopter of applicable technology.

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“Echoes of Europe” (ARC2680)



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  • “…Easy going jazz that isn’t easy listening, straight ahead ears will dig the proceedings. Well done throughout.”
    ~ Chris Spector, Midwest Record

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  • “…All of this music fondly looks back to those nights of playing in 1990 while speaking to us in the present day. Those echoes from Europe are reverberating here and now.”
    ~ Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

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