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“There’s a remarkable lyrical ease and harmonic savvy in the compositions that make up Firebird, not least of all on the title track with its layered flutes and Latin-tinged rhythmic feel. Burnett’s legato eloquence and depth of expression on the slow 4/4 “Ballad for An Optimist” is another highlight. His choice of the inspired, metrically shifting “A Risk I Take,” by French horn virtuoso and colleague Mark Taylor, tells us much about his refined taste and interpretive abilities.” – from the forthcoming liner notes by David R. Adler, New York, August 2014
– – –
“Chris, your pieces really sound great.
I dig the writing, the playing, and the sound.
All are very organic. Way to go.”
Terry Bowness, recording artist, Austin, Texas
– – –
“Chris both of these songs were OUTSTANDING.
Your writing is really really fantastic and I think you matched the BEST players to record.
Wow. I am certainly impressed. Congratulations. I can’t wait to hear more!
P.S and I loved the flute parts as well – way to go Terri!”
Toni Gates, recording artist, Kansas City, Missouri
– – –
“Very nice Chris, love the tunes.”
James B. Nesbit, woodwind artist / Personnel Manager, The Virginia Symphony, Norfolk, VA
– – –
“I want to purchase the first copy when finished. Great stuff, I like the concept.”
Maurice Williams, Jr., Former Director of the Army Blues Jazz Ensemble, Washington DC
– – –
“I dig the compositions. And the sound of the group.”
Bobby Watson, Artist, Jazz Professor and Legendary Bandleader
– – –
“I purchased my copy of your single from the CD Baby Website on the day of the release. I do believe Great Music is what happens when we let our souls speak…and that my friend, is some great music!” – Jenny Puett-King, Member: Chris Burnett ♬ Listener Network
– – –
“Firebird is a beautiful and touching composition. I closed my eyes and floated on the cloud your ensemble provided for me to ride. I loved the blend of the sax and two flutes that made it touching. The piano, bass, and drums beautifully accompanied the melody and solos. Awesome band.”
Stanley C. Swann III, Lowell Jazz Day Camp, Founder and Director, Lowell, Massachusetts
– – –
“Firebird”, a new jazz composition by composer Chris Burnett, is an outstanding mainstream piece! I love the very relaxed saxophone melody and especially the accompanying flute counterpoint. This song reminds me very much of pianist Herbie Hancock’s early works, when he used real orchestra musicians. Very open and human! The free flowing nature of this piece also reminds me of one of my all-time favorite composers – Pat Metheny. Being a pianist myself, I naturally really dig the pianist on this recording. The upright bass and drummer also share a big role in creating the overall sound of the recording. *****Five Stars!”
Kyle Whitlock, recording artist, South Carolina ETV
– – –
“I just bought this track. I was in the Army band with Chris Burnett and Terri Anderson Burnett in Ansbach Germany – about a million years ago. No surprise that they are still making music. Looking forward to them publishing more.” – Michael Glassman, Embrex
– – –
“I love how the tune lays over the time and harmonic changes. Very unusual and it is lyrical (singable) which I like very much. Love the unusual harmonies and the scales exotic that you are using in your improvisation over them. Very nice ! Did you record a whole CD ? Who are the players…love the drummer’s cymbal sound. It is nicely mixed and great recording sound. Done in KC ? Thanks man…you inspire me…you always do. Your friend and fan, Loren.”
Loren Pickford, jazz master and enlightened spirit
– – –
“Very nice. I wish I could be that cool playing the sax with such control. Good music and direction. Yea man.” – Michael Session, saxophonist, composer, bandleader, and the Director of Horace Tapscott’s Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra (The Ark/P.A.P.A.)











































Christopher Burnett – as | Roger Wilder – p | Jeff Harshbarger – b | Clarence Smith – d

philosophy of improvisation: the faith in the purity of the long line; the avoidance of licks and emotional chain-pulling; and, the concentration on endlessly mining the harmonic and melodic possibilities within the music.











































1. Christopher L. Burnett, BMI

  • Analog Networking
  • Ballad For An Optimist
  • Cyclical Connotations
  • Firebird shopping_cart_icon_small
  • Five Generations
  • Grape Drink
  • Hindsight
  • Insight
  • One World
  • Perspectives
  • Prayer
  • Providence
  • Put-In-Bay
  • Reflections
  • That Is Just The Way It Is
  • View From Here
  • West End Of Town

2. Other Composer Master Works











































Thanks to all of these wonderfully gifted people for
bringing my musical ideas to life so brilliantly!!!
Love and Peace, Cb

– – –

1. CbQ Personnel (score order):

  • Christopher Burnett – alto saxophone, clarinet, flute | compositions and arrangements
  • Roger Wilder – piano, keyboard, rhodes
  • Jeff Harshbarger – bass
  • Clarence Smith – drums, percussion

2. CbQ Guest Artists (alphabetical order):

3. CbQ Technical Credits:

4. CbQ Business Plan and CbQ Group Profile

  • RECORDINGS: We have on-going sessions planned that will be used to record all of the original music Christopher Burnett (BMI) has written, and continues to compose, for the quartet and the larger chamber ensemble. Arrangements of select compositions by others will be included as well.
  • PROFILE: Christopher Burnett Quartet (CbQ) is a concert and festival ensemble grounded in the performance of music that comes from the American jazz traditions. As an ensemble, CbQ presents a group of individual artists of mature and unique improvisational voice; intriguing original compositions; and, select works by other composers.
  • LABEL: Christopher Burnett Quartet (CbQ) group is a member of the Artists Recording Collective (ARC) and all CbQ recordings are available on the ARC label at all of the major retailers like iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby worldwide.
  • BOOKING: Christopher Burnett Quartet (CbQ) is now accepting concert and festival bookings for Fall 2014 and Winter/Spring 2015 at select venues and events, with the first scheduled concert during the Noon Recital Series in the Carlsen Center at JCCC in Overland Park on November 4, 2014.
  • CONTACT: Best means of communication for bookings and inquiries is by contacting BurnettMusic.COM directly using these methods; eMail – management@burnettmusic.com or operations@artistsrecordingcollective.biz | Telephone – 913.250.5141 (business office)

NOTE: CbQ Session #1 is in the books … recording sessions in Kansas City began in June 2014.




















































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